Our Advocacy

WHY WE WORK - At Primer Group of Companies, we believe that our business prospers when different parts of the society thrive well and when we create a positive impact to the people in communities where we operate in.

Thus, we open-heartedly nurture our connections with them and go beyond our means to play our role in the society as part of our corporate social responsibility.

Entrepreneurship and Job Creation

We are committed to contributing to the social innovation sector by advocating sustainable tourism and the environment. “Tubong Lokal” or the “Sustainable Tourism Entrepreneurship Program” in Barangay Alas-as in San Nicholas, Batangas helps the company to leverage its opportunity to improve the lives of Filipino people through innovative, impactful, viable and sustainable solutions. This is one of our current projects which can be extended, scaled up and adapted by other local communities in the future.


We help ensure access to long-term availability of clean and safe water. Its past community water projects in the rural areas of Casiguran, Aurora and El Nido, Palawan are clear testaments of our commitment to human health, environment and sustainable living. Aside from this, through our projects geared toward raising awareness and appreciation for nature such as nature class, coastal cleanup (bird sanctuary habitat), tree/mangrove planting, we were able to inspire people to care and get involved in the protection of the environment.


Employee Volunteerism

We make an effort to enrich the lives of Primer Group employees by educating and connecting them to the needs of the community, thus opening opportunities for them to create positive social and environmental impact. Among the past employee volunteer activities we have conducted are youth summer camps, educational tours with less fortunate kids, and coastal cleanups. These volunteer efforts were able to reach different sectors – children and youth, senior citizens and other institutions.


Philanthropic Activities

We deeply value our relationship with different networks, athletes and like-minded organizations and partners, thus we strongly support them in various ways. Through the Heroes on Wheels Program, local communities have been provided with proper outdoor equipment and bike transport needed to reach inaccessible areas. Several organizations and institutions that share the same advocacies have been
supported through item/event sponsorships. The company’s athlete and ambassador fund support has aided carefully handpicked, inspiring individuals who embody hope and who inspire Filipinos and people
throughout the globe to achieve great feats bordering on the impossible. During disasters, we mobilize employees and set drop-off points for relief goods and other donations for affected communities.