Nalgene PH's life sized bottle receives global recognition

September 27, 2019

Primer Group of Companies’ Nalgene team has recently been recognized by the Nalgene brand principal for their outstanding and creative marketing efforts that helped boost brand awareness and knowledge.

In the brand’s August 2019 newsletter distributed to global partners, the life-sized Nalgene bottle display executed by Primer Group’s Nalgene team became the highlighted distributor promotion among all other distributors’ marketing efforts.

image (1)

The brand prinicipal shone the spotlight on the abovementioned initiative for being “a great way to increase brand awareness, cost effectively!”

The initiative, spearheaded by Nalgene Brand Associate Bryan Nonaillada, encouraged people to take a photo of or with the display, and to share it via Instagram. Through this promotion, the Nalgene team was able to create a social media-worthy execution that encouraged customers and fans to post photos of the display on their social media, thus attracting attention to Nalgene. The effort resulted to additional tags, Instagram mentions, and more followers of the Nalgene social media pages.


Life sized Nalgene bottle displayed at the Columbia Trail masters event last May 11-12, 2019

Aside from the life-sized Nalgene bottle, the levitation display in R.O.X., Bratpack, and Outdoors by SM were also highlighted by the newsletter, and the effort was dubbed as a “great merchandising tactic as it immediately draws customers into category”.

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“The team feels appreciated for the recognition. [We also have] a sense of pride since this is the first time this execution was done, and done successfully, as the Philippine team was acknowledged,” says Pierrick Tan, Brand Executive.

These marketing efforts are just the beginning of exciting and creative gimmicks by the Nalgene team. In fact, as Nalgene celebrates its 70 years this 2019, the team will be giving out a special sticker to customers across different stores in the country.


Design of the special 70th year Nalgene sticker

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