Stay Safe and Stay Green with Primer

November 18, 2021

The Primer Group of Companies has remained true to its mission of bringing the world closer to their customers. Despite the pandemic, Primer has been actively searching for products and solutions to remain relevant in such changing times. Check out some of Primer’s new products and services:

  1. Cleaning Solutions: Aquama and DFNS

DFNS  is a lifestyle brand centered on creating the greenest and most eco-friendly products for customers. Product offerings range from apparel launder, shoe cleaner, and even hand sanitizers that are alcohol-free. All DFNS solutions are 99-100% biodegradable.     

Aquama, on the other hand, is a disinfecting solution based on water and salt electrified. This brand hopes to be the cleaning partner of individuals and business institutions alike. It is certified against COVID-19 and 100% biodegradable. Aquama can be an alternative to traditional chemical detergents. 


  1. Safe Mobility Products: Bacini, Livall, Smart4U

Primer onboards new products to remain relevant to its customers. Biking and helmet brands such as Bacini, Livall, and Smart4U provide products and accessories to ensure that our customers can remain mobile during this pandemic. These products are perfect for hardcore bikers or even novice ones who want to delve into a sport activity.  

  1. Perfect Staycation Getaway: The Park 

Primer, in partnership with Adria, a Slovenian company that produces modular dwelling places and motorhomes, explores the world of glamping in the Philippines. Situated in Primer’s The Park in Silang, Cavite, three luxurious glamping tents are open to the public, namely the Safari Couple, the Loft and the Boutique. It is the perfect staycation getaway or even a remote workspace environment. Primer has also ventured in distributing glamping tents and other modular homes to real estate developers.