Primer Brings Their Brands Into the New Era of Retail

April 29, 2021

On the 9th episode of the 21st season of Talk.Shop.Asia, the show talked about how brands have recalibrated their strategies in order to adapt to the new normal.



The show’s episode, titled RETAIL REIMAGINED: The New Era of Retail, featured and focused on a few of Primer’s famous concept stores including: BratPack, The Travel Club and R.O.X.

To discuss how these stores brought their techniques and strategies into the new era of retail, Talk.Shop.Asia interviewed our very own Rlyn Doroteo, Karina Villamin and Janice Tanada to represent each of the brands that were showcased in the show.

To know the strategies that these brands used in order to survive the new era, watch the full video here: