Primer Group welcomes the Year of the Rat

February 20, 2020

Primer HQ Group Photo (1)

Employees at the Primer Star Center gather for the Chinese New Year celebration

A time of the year when one brings out red clothes, money-filled ang paos, and boxes of tikoy, January 24, 2020 marked the celebration of Chinese New Year, which is the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar and the start of a new cycle as the Year of the Rat enters.

Primer Group of Companies didn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate the annual event. Rain or shine, the company pushed through with celebrating and entertaining its beloved employees.

Over 500 employees from different departments and business units gathered at the head office parking grounds to join the program and activities. KaPrimers were encouraged to wear red to attract positive energy, happiness, and good luck. Each one received a box of tikoy and lucky ang paos, such as in tradition. Tikoy and ang pao symbolize unity among the family members and are said to bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits throughout the year. Primer Group of Companies is just like a family, fostering strong working relationships as well as bonds among and between every member.

Festivities began as soon as the roaring drum beats and a lion and dragon dance greeted employees by noon.  The parking grounds flooded by employees, turned red and gold. Soon after, Primer Group Managing Director Jerry Sy, delivered his heartfelt opening remarks about the roots of the celebration of Chinese New Year. He ended with an exciting remark and welcomed KaPrimers to a prosperous year ahead.


The Board of Directors with the lion and dragon dancers (L-R: President and CEO Jimmy Thai, Managing Director Willy Sy, Managing Director Jerry Sy, ANPI Managing Director Wilson Dy, and Managing Director Johnny Thai)

Among the activities during the event were siomai and siopao eating contests, where employees from various business units and departments had to race to finish their food before the others do so.



These games provided many fond, albeit a bit messy, memories and showcased the kind of camaraderie that Primer employees share with one another. The winners received cash prize and bragging rights for their respective games. While the different departments may have competed against each other, the activities were marked by good-natured teasing. At the end of the day, it was evident that everyone enjoyed each other’s company.


New Siomai Masters Mary Grace Tam (F&A) and Yel Arevalo (BSP)


Defending Siopao King Osmond Chua

The lion and dragon dance once again entertained the employees as it danced its way through the offices of the company. As in tradition, the lions and dragon reached for the lettuce and ang pao hanging around the office as a symbol of wealth and prosperity of the company throughout the year.




With the lion and dragon gracing the offices with good fortune during their dance, employees started to claim their tikoy and lucky ang pao at the parking grounds.

Each employee lined up and picked a piece of paper from a lucky box for a chance to win cash prize from the management.


They also enjoyed free snacks such as siomai, cotton candy, ice cream, fish ball, and kikiam at the food booths.



Parallel to the celebration at the head office are celebrations at the various Primer Group offices and stores.

Employees from Primer Distribution Center and UIGPI gathered for a simple salusalo while viewing the live feed of the Primer Star festivities.

PDC one primer (1)

KaPrimers from PDC show their One Primer spirit

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pdc6 (1)

Riverside Nation Distribution Inc. employees also wore red and enjoyed their simple treats.


Store employees from all over the Philippines also joined in the celebration by wearing red and having their own tikoy and ang pao.

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Overall, the Chinese New Year celebration brought good relationships and camaraderie from employees of different departments, stores, and offices with one another. The company extremely values the relationship it has with its employees as they are considered among the most important building blocks supporting the organization’s well-being. Celebrate Chinese New Year as one family, Primer Group of Companies wishes for a prosperous and bountiful year ahead.


Text by Ralph Andrei Azcarraga

Coverage by Martin Chavez (ICT), Robert Nabata (ICT), Alvin Roberto (MSD), and Arielle Ong (MSD)