The Joy of Giving: Primer Mindanao’s Outreach Bonding Activity

December 19, 2019

Mindanao, although culturally rich and brimming in natural resources, has been challenged in its economic and socio-political landscapes.

Most recently, in the latter part of 2019, numerous unfortunate events have been experienced by the entire region, such as multiple earth quakes and a huge investment scam that shook the middle class.

True to our core, we KaPrimer Mindanaoans- as One Family- will not be stopped by these challenges. Our attitude of gratitude is what truly drives our team to be change makers in our own way.


It all started with a simple but really meaningful discussion, spearheaded by our Area Manager Norgelyn Bihag, about how we can spread love to the Mindanao community, which is in need of help most especially this season of giving.


Thus, last December 7, 2019, despite the holiday bustle, Primer Mindanao embarked on an early outreach bonding activity in El Salvador, one of the neighbouring towns of Cagayan De Oro City, where the magnificent Divine Mercy Shrine is located.

As early as 5:30AM, the team journeyed to the said town, bringing with them not only simple Christmas packages generously contributed by KaPrimers, but also a “One Team” mindset which is to share joy and love this Yuletide season.


It was indeed a heartwarming to see the genuine gratitude in the eyes and the smiles of the locals as they received their early morning surprises from KaPrimers.

On that same day, candle-selling kids, construction workers, shrine caretakers, security guards, and innocent children spent their weekend cleaning the sacred place. Together with KaPrimers, they filled the place with so much joy, a warm feeling enough to show that that KaPrimer Mindanaoans' outreach bonding activity was a success.


With this simple act of kindness, we at Primer Mindanao has proved that no contribution is too small as long as it’s whole heartedly shared.

Contributed by Edgar Rabino, Mindanao Regional Sales Head