Sledgers, Aetrex, and Fantasy Sandals join leading international footwear trade fair in Italy

September 27, 2019


KaPrimers from Primer Europe and from the Primer headquarters in Manila
(L-R) Primer Europe’s Glenn Bennington, Senior Merchandising Manager Andrea Gaw, Primer Europe Managing Director David Goulding, and President and Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Thai

SledgersAetrex, and Fantasy Sandals– three of the footwear brands carried by the Primer Group of Companies– showcased some of their best collections and latest lines for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 (SS20) season in the recently concluded Micam Milano Rho International Shoe Fair (MICAM Milano), the footwear industry’s leading international footwear trade fair.



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Held last September 15 to 18, 2019, the highly-anticipated MICAM Milano fair in Lombardy, Italy featured over 1500 exhibitors that displayed the latest trends for the upcoming season for footwear and accessories, and focused on new innovative production techniques.

Booths were placed in different pavilions, such as Luxury, Contemporary, Active, Cosmopolitan, and iKids. A special area within the fair was given to emerging talents and brands.







Located at the Everyday Hall of the MICAM Milano Fair, the Sledgers booth presented its SS20 collection to participants ranging from existing partners to potential clients.

“I believe that as far as international trade shows are concerned, MICAM remains one of the best if not the best for international visitors,” says Primer Europe Ltd. Managing Director David Goulding.

The 8 meter by 4 meter space for the footwear brand accommodated retailers and brand owners from all over the world, spanning from Asia, Europe, and Africa. The exhibit proved to be a great opportunity for Sledgers to strengthen its presence and build new business relations.

Attending the show certainly allowed us a real opportunity to showcase the brand and make an impact, which we believed to have worked, given the feedback received from existing and new accounts,” adds Goulding.




Representatives from the Primer Group of Companies engage with brand principals at the MICAM Milano Fair
From L-R: The author, President and Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Thai; Fantasy Sandals Principals George Alysandratos and Ifigeneia Alysandratos; Senior Merchandising Manager Andrea Gaw; and Ms. Susan Thai

With a fun, colorful, and well-curated display, Fantasy Sandals caught the eye of many participants. Present at the booth were brand principals George Alysandratos and Ifigeneia Alysandratos who were there to talk about the brand to visitors.




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Aetrex featured their wellness technology through innovative and entertaining means. Attendees enjoyed getting their feet scanned through the most technologically advanced foot scanning technology developed, the Nova, which features a significant breakthrough design that enables it to perform highly accurate foot scans without the need to use conductive rubber mats.

Engaging in the MICAM Milano fair is among the footwear and care brand’s steps to develop and share their innovative creations all over the globe.


For over two decades, Primer Group of Companies has been participating in trade fairs all over the world for brand and product sourcing. Until now, Primer Group continues to engage in trade fairs as these help the company identify and feel the current and upcoming trends.

Overall experience was good. It gave me a lot of insights regarding the footwear industry. My experience from this trip will definitely help me with my current role. It is super relevant, as it can help one understand or know what’s the latest footwear trends,“Senior Merchandising Manager Andrea Gaw, one of the Primer representatives in the fair, says of the experience.