Victorinox Gallery,A Celebration of the Swiss Month

September 27, 2019


Emerson Yao, Johnny Thai, Paul Sy, Swiss Ambassador Alain Gaschen, Ivan Yao, Reginald de Vera, Emerson Yao, Yvonne Yao

World-renowned Swiss brand VICTORINOX continues to stand at the forefront of excellence, precision and comfort as the maker of world-famous pocket knives, household and professional knives, watches, travel gear, and fragrances. The company’s headquarters remains situated at the heart of Switzerland but has nonetheless expanded through a comprehensive network of subsidiaries and distributors in more than 120 countries including the Philippines. 

In celebration of the Swiss Month this August, the Primer Group of Companies in partnership with Lucerne and Grimalkin, and with the participation of the Embassy of Switzerland, launched VICTORINOX Gallery, a showcase of the rich history that chronicles the milestone of the brand. The gallery was open for viewing from August 24 to 29, 2019 at the Atrium, The Podium Mall in Ortigas. 


Victorinox Spectra in beetroot and dark teal


Karl Elsener Commemorative Coin Set


Victorinox Fire Fighter Collection

Moved with courage and a pioneering spirit, Karl Elsener set up a cutlery workshop in Talkessel in the Canton of Schwyz in 1884 with a noble pursuit to generate jobs and stop the local population from leaving the area. After years of toiling, Elsener’s difficult undertaking paid off when he finally unveiled the legendary “Original Swiss Army Knife”. Today, Elsener’s legacy lives on as VICTORINOX expanded its offering to other products, most notable of which is the VICTORINOX Travel Gear, the brand most preferred by travelers with discriminating taste for design and quality. 

The event was attended by VICTORINOX’S Southeast Asian Regional Management Team, along with executives of Primer Group of Companies, Lucerne, and Grimalkin, the main distributors of the brand in the Philippines. Other VIPs in attendance included the most distinguished media and press partners, representatives from SM Supermalls, and some of the most influential Filipino – Swiss celebrities who have made relevant contributions in the fields of entertainment, sports, fashion, and beauty.


Victorinox Regional Team: Francis Lau, John Wan, Vianca Tan, Dauphin Chan, Mabel Wong, Karen Leung, Carrie Chi


Mabel Wong, Dauphin Chan, Emerson Yao, Jour Dan Galvadores, Swiss Ambassador Alain Gaschen, Johnny Thai, Ivan Yao, Janeena Chan, Vianca Tan, Abby Borbon

IMG_5857 (1)

Marlon Stockinger, Dina Bonnevie, Steven Fuglister, Swiss Ambassador Alain Gaschen, Janeena Chan


Steven Fuglister and Vania Romoff


Carl Cunanan, Kit Payumo, Bert Casal


Lucerne’s Emerson Yao, Swiss Ambassador Alain Gaschen, Dauphin Chan


Steven Fuglister, Vania Romoff, Dong Ronquillo, Pepper Teehankee, Frank Briones, Berg Go


RC Chu, Dina Bonnevie

Aimed at turning the spotlight on VICTORINOX as a bastion of Swiss innovation, the event featured a select collection of its Travel Gear, namely the Spectra 2.0 Dual Access Luggage and Lexicon Hardside. It also featured the latest collection from the watch division and the iconic Swiss Army Knives, executed in creative activation setups. 

The product presentation during the event signaled a unique store experience for customers as VICTORINOX plans to adopt the same concept to its free-standing stores, select The Travel Club stores, and other concession stores. 

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