KaPrimer Story: Melody Tanjimenez, Regional Brand Manager, PIML

June 20, 2017

In 2005, I accompanied my friend who applied for a marketing post in Primer Group of Companies, but as luck would have it, I was the one who pushed through with the application and eventually got accepted. On September 5, 2005, about 12 years ago, I officially became a Ka-Primer.

Initially, I was assigned to handle the role of an Associate Merchandiser and eventually transferred to Local Brand Management after 4 years. At the start of my career in Brand Management, I was tasked to handle a brand, which I managed to grow and became one of the biggest brands under the Primer Group.

Melody at the FitFlop headquarters in London

Years after, I started handling regional brand management, which provided me exposure and travel opportunities. While on travel, I am able to meet and mingle with different people with varied cultures, try new food and experiences, and imbibe new learning,, which developed me both personally and professionally. This is my very own testament that truly within Primer, my work lets me play.


Melody Tanjimenez received an award at FitFlop SS17 Sales Launch

Aside from these opportunities, there are other reasons why I like my job at Primer.

The leaders give you a freehand to conceptualize and build projects, and entrust you to implement things. Here, I get to work with the best teams and people within the company. More importantly, I am able to participate in sustainability initiatives and charity events for the community, which gives me a sense of joy and fulfillment.


Melody at a charity event for Habitat for Humanity

My job allows me to continuously evolve and teaches me to become steadfast and resilient. The tremendous changes in my career from merchandising to brand management and from handling local to regional was not easy, considering the heavier load and bigger responsibility. I was able to manage and overcome all the challenges because of strong outpouring of support from Primer owners, leaders and colleagues.

In the next years to come, I can see myself staying and growing at Primer. I am always inspired with the owners’ story on how they were able to build the company from scratch. I admire and look up to them because of their passion, determination and self-discipline.

I love working for a company with a unique working culture. At Primer, we treat each other as family. Here, we handle competing brands but people can work as one.

Through the years, I gained various work experience here in the company which shaped my personality. I transitioned from an introvert to a member of the organization who strives to develop and hone skills. I become more confident in talking and dealing with people. I am also very grateful with all the opportunities that the company provided me, which allowed me to really enjoy my job.