Go Travel

Design Go, the company behind the world’s leading brand of travel accessories has made things even easier for travellers this summer with a rebrand that will see all of the company’s travel accessories branded under Go Travel.

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, the company has been there for generations of travellers with a selection of adapters, pillows, locks and a wide range of innovative travel accessories that make travel just that little bit easier, more convenient or more comfortable. As a result, the company’s product spinners are often a first-stop on any journey and it’s why it has always been considered a failsafe when it comes to reliable, easy-to-use travel accessories. In this respect, nothing has changed except for the name.

The new Go Travel brand is defined by its simplicity, it does was it says on the package! This new evolution of the ‘Go’ mark is the next step in the company’s development and indicates the importance of helping you recognise the brand the minute you step into the airport, in the supermarket, in fact, in any of the thousands of locations that Go Travel products are available in more than 40 countries across the globe.

The packaging and products now benefit from a cleaner, easy-to-read look which offers you greater clarity and immediate recognition when you see a Go Travel product. The new packaging layout reassuringly retains the essence of the original Design Go brand and will be easy to identify the product at a glance. The new brand and new device aim to take Go Travel forward on to the next stage of its journey.