CLAE’s commitment to innovation and design has yielded a distinct collection of smart essentials fit for the modern man. Taking extra steps by using premium leathers and materials, and emphasizing uncommon comfort and versatility, CLAE creates footwear that evolves and endures.


Established in 2001, CLAE redefined the boundaries of traditional footwear with an
innovative collection that fused the comfort of an athletic shoe with the style and
quality of classic dress shoes.

Drawing inspiration from timeless design and using premium materials, CLAE elevated the conventional sneaker creating an entirely new genre in footwear.

Delivering sophisticated, simple silhouettes, CLAE was awarded the coveted Sportswear International award for Best Men’s Footwear in 2003.

Crafted for comfort and versatility, CLAE shoes are designed to effortlessly transition from one moment to the next. Capturing the momentum of the modern lifestyle, CLAE is committed to evolving classic footwear into a distinct collection of everyday essentials.

Our value is in our versatility. CLAE styles are relevant in a formal setting, just as they are in a casual atmosphere. Easy and always sophisticated, CLAE is ready for any occasion

Committed to using premium leathers and materials, and emphasizing an uncommon comfort, CLAE is designed to improve with every wear.

Drawing from timeless design, CLAE delivers a collection of evolving classics. Simplified, sophisticated silhouettes offer a refined collection of everyday essentials.