12 Eco-Friendly Products That Put The Planet First

April 22, 2021

Sustainable way of living doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems to be. The first step doesn’t have to be planting trees right away or creating a movement. More often than not, it starts with our personal choices, be it about our food preferences, fashion styles, and everything in between. 

Today, you can choose to start with picking products that doesn’t only understand your needs, but in their own little way, also help our planet. 

Here are our top picks:



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This pack was made with Mother Nature in mind. Constructed from 100% recycled materials and designed to be fully packable, the Recycled SuperBreak represents our vision for the future of adventure gear — minimal waste with maximum features and durability. It’s a big step and we’re just getting started. It comes in 5 colors - Black, Yellow card, New olive, Red tape, and Oyster. 

Jansport Recycled Superbreak (PHP 2,793.00) is available at www.bratpack.com.ph

Shop Here: https://www.bratpackstore.com.ph/jansport/3614-recycled-superbreak-1000315601.html?search_query=RECYCLED+SUPERBREAK&results=361



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A classroom classic. Say hello to the Parkland Kingston, a backpack designed with style and sustainability in mind. Ideal for school, travel, and everything in between, Kingston's durable exterior is made with recycled polyester and built to last. Its classic design provides plenty of room for storing your daily essentials, including a 15" laptop.

Parkland Kingston ( PHP 732.00)  is available at www.bratpack.com.ph

Shop here: https://www.bratpackstore.com.ph/parkland/2381-KINGSTON-1000232775.html?search_query=parkland&results=72



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Freewaters’ TRVL SLIP ON footbeds are made of 10-15% recycled EVA foam rubber. By using post production waste from the factory, we are able to make footbeds that are incredible for your feet and better for the planet.

Freewaters TRVL SLIP ON (PHP 3,990) is available at www.restoerun.com

Shop here: https://www.restoerun.com/freewaters/1849-trvl-slip-on-1000294909.html?search_query=TRVL+SLIP-ON&results=418



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Native Jefferson is made with repurposed algae using Rise by Bloom technology. The innovative process to craft one pair of Kids Jefferson Bloom helps to restore clean air and water back into the environment. This earth-friendly edition of the classic Jefferson features a perforated upper, shock-absorbent sole, and a rubber rand and toe cap made with recycled materials.

Native Jefferson (PHP 2,061) is available at www.restoerun.com.

Shop here: https://www.restoerun.com/native/1331-JEFFERSON-1000163251.html?search_query=jefferson&results=101



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Nalgene’s brand new line of sustainable bottles are made with 50% recycled content. Lessen your impact on the environment with a Nalgene Sustain bottle.

Nalgene Narrow Mouth (PHP 790.00) is available at www.rox.com.ph.

Shop here:  https://www.rox.com.ph/nalgene/5622-narrow-mouth-0395166.html?search_query=nalgene&results=26



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LifeStraw is committed to working with company partners to advocate for the reduction of disposable plastic water bottles, to reduce the plastic used in its products and packaging, to only work with plastic materials that are recyclable, and to performing routine manufacturing assessments to identify product components that can be made from recycled or upcycled plastic water bottles and ocean plastics.

Lifestraw Go 2-Stage (PHP 985.00) is available at www.rox.com.ph

Shop here:




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Made with post-consumer water bottles that have been collected, chipped, cleaned, melted, spun and woven into fabric and then sewn into bags.

Herschel Classic (PHP 1,495.00) is available at www.thetravelclub.ph

Shop here: https://www.thetravelclub.ph/herschel/2076-CLASSIC-1000217294.html?search_query=Herschel+Classic+Backpack+%7C+XL&results=616


8. Tumi International Expandable 4

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TUMI continually explores new and different recycled materials and components. Our recycled collections use fabric made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles as well as recycled nylon.

Tumi International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On (PHP 44,990.00) is available at www.thetravelclub.ph

Shop here: https://www.thetravelclub.ph/tumi/5412-tumi-mens-022804060rasp4-intl-exp-4-whl-c-o-luggage-1000300992.html?search_query=tumi&results=139



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DFNS products are powered by air using Airopack®—innovative technology that’s safer for you and the planet. A traditional aerosol uses pressurized gas to propel its contents, releasing harmful solvents at the same time. Airopack® uses compressed air instead of volatile chemicals, so when you spray, all you get is the actual product and nothing more.

DFNS products are available at www.thetravelclub.ph


10. Quiksilver Highline Hold Down

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Recycled fabric: Repreve™ traceable, recycled 4-way stretch polyester made from plastic bottles dryflight® water-repellent hydrophobic coating outseam: 20" outseam performance fit performance fly pockets: pocket with flap key bungee cord inside pocket composition: 90% recycled polyester, 10% elastane 90% polyester/ 10% elastane.

Quiksilver Highline Hold Down (PHP 2,443.00) is available at www.grind.com.ph

Shop here: https://www.grind.com.ph/surf-swim/5261-quiksilver-highline-hold-down-20-boardshort-1000319372.html?search_query=quiksilver+highline&results=276



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Go all out for a maximum performance with the seamless design of the RVCA VA trunks. Feel lighter, drier, and safer from chafing for longer, as these solid trunks are made with a recycled 4-way stretch fabric with a comfortable elastic waist and a durable water repellent finish. 

RVCA VA Trunks (Php2,093) is available at www.grind.com.ph

Shop here: https://www.grind.com.ph/surf/6131-rvca-va-trunk-17inch-1000324326.html


12. Rigel Sanitary Ware

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Rigel has proven our competitive edge in creating sustainable solutions for the green economy. Rigel is committed to providing you sanitary solutions of the highest quality, partnered with uncompromising service. Rigel supplies eco-friendly, user-friendly, and innovative sanitary wares with Rigel Technology, the award-winning provider of green bathroom solutions.

Rigel Sanitary Ware is available through RIVERSIDE NATION DISTRIBUTION, INC.

Contact customercare.industrial@primergrp.com.

From bags to cleaning products, all your shopping choices can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. You can do something for the planet no matter how small. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. There’s no greater time to shop green, but today.